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Vicki Moore Gored By Bull

at Spanish Blood Fiesta

In June 1995, during her ninth year of investigating and exposing Blood Fiestas, Vicki Moore was near fatally gored by a bull named 'Argentino', at the fiesta of San Juan, Coria, Spain.

Tossed into the air ten times, Vicki lay bleeding to death on the street for a full five minutes before the bull was able to be forced away from her. She sustained horrific injuries, eleven serious horn wounds and multiple lesser ones.

Vicki recovers consciousness after 4 weeks in a coma

These injuries included a punctured and torn lung, the loss of a kidney, eight shattered ribs, a completely smashed foot, many internal injuries, one leg nearly severed, plus twelve inch rips over her body and limbs.

A seven hour operation in Coria saved Vicki's life.

She remained in a coma and was on the critical list for nearly four weeks, at the regional hospital of San Pedro de Alcantara, Caceres.

After returning to England, Vicki began a painful recovery with further major surgery. She was confined to a wheelchair for six months.

Vicki, with 'Susie', whilst convalescing

Although being far from fit, Vicki returned to Spain in July 1996 to carry on with her work.

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She underwent further operations and, despite being in constant pain, Vicki continued to campaign for the Animals until her death on the 6th February 2000.

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