Stop Goldfish being given out as Prizes

While it may be perfectly legal to give a goldfish as a prize, it is morally wrong and is obvious animal cruelty. Fish are sentient beings, not mere objects. They are very delicate and their well-being depends directly on their environment. Being in a tiny plastic bag full of water for hours on end is not a proper environment. Read More...

Horse Racing

Alchoholic Ginger Beer manufacturers Crabbies is the new main sponsor of the Grand National. Read More...

In the UK around 400 horses are killed annually in the horse racing industry. Because the intention is not to kill the horses, the deaths merely being a ‘side effect’ of racing, the industry seems to considers it as acceptable collateral damage. Read More...

Nico Rosberg Machis No!

In his Christmas video Formula 1 driver Nico Rosberg is seen riding a rodeo bull. Read More...

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Fights Against Cruelty To All Animals

Tony Moore R.I.P.

1934 - 2013

On Friday 27th December 2013 Tony Moore, co-founder and chairman of Southport based animal rights charity "Fight Against Animal Cruelty in Europe" - FAACE - died from lung cancer, at the age of 79.

In 1987 Tony and his wife Vicki founded FAACE in order to save 'Blackie' the donkey. The couple then went on to work tirelessly against bullfighting and the blood fiestas. Their investigations and campaigning were instrumental in the implementation of animal protection laws in Spain.

After Vicki's her death in 2000 Tony continued with the campaigns, adding new topics, such as horseracing and rodeo.

In the UK the charity campaigned mainly against the Waterloo Harecoursing Cup, the Grand National and, more recently, goldfish being given away as prizes at fun fairs.

Tony will be sadly missed by animal lovers all around the world. His work will be continued by his partner Matilda and friends.

The picture shows Tony next to Matilda at a demo against a blood fiesta in Coria, with the crowd holding up pictures of Vicki Moore.

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